Posted by: Anthony Drewery | November 11, 2005

Exchange 2003 SP2 & Clusters Part 2

Ok, so we’ve successfully upgraded our first cluster to Exchange 2003 SP2. Prior to the upgrade both nodes were running Windows 2003 SP1 and Exchange 2003 SP1 and fully patched. Here’s the exact process that we followed:

  • Rebooted the passive node (node 2). Not a required step but I like to be sure a server reboots cleanly before I embark on this kind of thing.
  • Installed SP2 on the passive node and rebooted. Again, a reboot wasn’t a requirement but I like to be cautious with this stuff.
  • On the active node in the Exchange Virtual Server we took the System Attendant resource offline which also took the other Exchange resources and the ScanMail resource offline. It left us with the IP Address, Physical Disk and Network Name resources online.
  • Next we moved the Exchange Virtual Server and Cluster Group to node 2 making it the active node.
  • We then connected remotely to node 2. In Cluster Admin we right clicked on the Exchange Virtual Server and selected ‘Upgrade Exchange Virtual Server’. Once this was complete we brought the Exchange resources back online.
  • To complete the upgrade we rebooted the now passive node (node 1) then applied the service pack to it before rebooting again for good measure and testing fail-over.

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