Posted by: Anthony Drewery | January 13, 2006

Getting video on to the iPod

There are plenty of tools out there for converting videos files to iPod and PSP compatible formats but my favourite is 3GP_Converter. It’s a free tool that lets you select your desired output format then simply drag and drop your source files to queue them up for conversion. It’ll accept any source that you have an installed codec for e.g. DivX, XviD etc.

Download and extract the Zip file then run the setup file. Note that the setup does not install the files, merely sets up the config so make sure you have extracted them to a suitable location.


Choose your language and the output format you wish to use.


Choose your specific output settings and the output directory. Now all you need to do is drag and drop your source files. When finished the software will open iTunes and add the completed video file to your library.
The config files can be manually edited to tweak the settings. You can find them in \default_setting in the 3GP_Converter folder. After you change any config files you’ll need to run the setup again.

I’ve made a tweak to my config file to handle widescreen source files. If you don’t make this change the output will appear stretched. You can download my updated config file here (change the extension to ini). These settings give me respectable quality when I hook my iPod up to the TV.

If you’ve stumbled across this posting because you have a Play-yan device then you can download a Play-yan config file for 3GP_Converter here (change the extension to ini). You’ll also need a file called playan.fup in the root of your SD card to play MPEG4 on a Play-yan.


  1. […] After setting up the iPod, I dropped a couple of video files over to it, using 3GP_Converter, as pointed out to me by Ant, here. I immediately realised that I was having the problem he then talks about, but unlike him, I didn’t have an older version of firmware to downgrade to. Hmmm… Anyway, thanks to the posts over at iLounge here, and the more organized sticky-thread I went with the general view that this wasn’t really a bug, but more a change in acceptable tolerances for MPEG wrappers. So, off to find software that would convert my existing AVI files and so forth. And free is always good. […]

  2. so, I just converted a DVD rip over to MP4 using your ini file and… it generated a file that neither iTunes nor Quicktime could open. Quicktime said that it was not a movie file, iTunes just wouldn’t open it.

    Any ideas?

  3. I’m not sure what went wrong but I’ve switched to using Videora. It’s free and you can find it at Give it a try and see if you get better results.

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