Posted by: Anthony Drewery | February 6, 2006

Every day is a school day

They say that every day is a school day and today is no exception. Maybe this is common knowledge for most but I learned that data is actually a plural from the Latin singular datum (in the same way that agenda is the plural of agendum).

Although it has become acceptable in modern language to refer to data as singular its correct usage would be as a plural e.g. “My data were corrupted by the server crash”.

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  1. Most interesting. Thanks for the top grammar tip!

  2. Nice but shouldn’t it be ‘My data WAS corrupted by the server crash’

  3. Ignore last post, just though that one through;)

  4. Your post indicates that you like words, as I do.

    You might be interested in “Scientific Words of the Week” at:

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