Posted by: Anthony Drewery | July 31, 2006

Resetting the MIMEsweeper SpamLogic database

We run Clearswift’s MIMEsweeper for SMTP 5.2 as our SMTP gateway. We have 4 policy servers (2 x Tampa, 2 x Crawley) connected to one configuration server (Crawley). I’ll spare you my rant about Clearswift and MIMEsweeeper but suffice to say I won’t be recommending it to anyone who needs a reliable messaging hygiene solution for a high volume enterprise environment. (FWIW, I’ve been working with MIMEsweeper since 1998 and until its current incarnation have always been a stong supporter of the product.)

We’ve had a plethora of issues with MIMEsweeper version 5 but one in particular keeps re-occurring. Despite having applied their hotfix, every few weeks MIMEsweeper’s spam solution, SpamLogic, takes on a mind of it’s own and starts trapping an unacceptable amount of false positives. When this happens the SpamLogic databases need to be reset to their default configuration. To do this connect to each policy server in turn and do the following:

  • Go to the c:\Program Files\Clearswift\MIMESweeper for SMTP\Data\SpamLogic folder.
  • Rename spamlogic.db to spamlogic.old.
  • Copy spamlogic.bak to spamlogic.db.

This way the original spamlogic.bak is preserved as you’re going to be needing it again in the future! Once you’ve completed these steps restart the MIMEsweeper Security Service.

You can disable the SpamLogic auto-training feature at anytime but then your databases will remain static and your detection rates drop as the type of spam evolves.



  1. I’m on your side when it comes to Mimesweeper and am looking for a replacement, perhaps an appliance. Any recommendations?

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