Posted by: Anthony Drewery | July 31, 2006

Using ExMerge to clean up mail loops

Having been recently taken over we’re now working on transitioning data and systems to the new company. As a result there are a large number of email redirections in place whilst the users and applications move across to the new organisation. The vast majority of redirections are handled in a controlled format using contacts in Active Directory and the delivery options on user objects. However, despite our best efforts we do suffer the occasional mail loop. This is usually when a user has set an OOF message on their mailboxes in both organisations and also set a rule to forward and auto-reply. (Note: We need auto-replies and OOF messages enabled between the two Exchange organisations). The detrimental effects are limited through the use of mailbox limits but that can still leave us with thousands of messages to clean up once the loop has been stopped. To help us with this task we use ExMerge.

Run the wizard and choose Extract or Import (Two Step Procedure). On the next screen choose Step 1: Extract data from an Exchange Server mailbox.

When you get to the Source Server screen enter the appropriate Exchange server name then hit the Options button:

 Source Server

 The first tab you want is Import Procedure and choose Achive data to target store. This option will extract the data from the mailbox rather than just copy it:

Import Procedure

Next go to the Folders tab and restrict your export to the Inbox (if required):


Now you need the Message Details tab so that you can restrict your export to only the looped messages. In the example below I’m removing messages with "Out of Office" in the subject:

Message Details

Now hit OK and complete the rest of the ExMerge wizard to select the mailboxes you want to extract from and the destination for the resulting PST. Double check the contents of the PST before you delete it!

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